Wednesday, February 4, 2009

what if

Its alright
There comes a time
Got no patience to search
For peace of mind
Layin low
Want to take it slow
No more hiding or
Disguising truths Ive sold

Everyday its something
Hits me all so cold
Find me sittin by myself
No excuses, then I know

Its okay
Had a bad day
Hands are bruised from
Breaking rocks all day
Drained and blue
I bleed for you
You think its funny, well
Youre drowning in it too

Everyday its something
Hits me all so cold
Find me sittin by myself
No excuses, then I know

Yeah, its fine
Well walk down the line
Leave our rain, a cold
Trade for warm sunshine
You my friend
I will defend
And if we change, well i
Love you anyway

Everyday its something
Hits me all so cold
Find me sittin by myself
No excuses, then I know

I went to the office one day humming this alice in chains song, the lyrics haunting, and I wish not to be singing it, but it did not stop as if it had its own omnipotent FM station that won't just leave me alone. I recently had a chat with John... met him online via Yahoo's chat rooms. about 2 years ago... and a few days back, he told me he's a terminal case, until June to be exact... he had an accident, his spinal column damaged when he got hit by a car... the elderly couple driving killed, "I should have been the one killed," he said... and you know he meant it.

what's it with John? I have another online friend John, and there's just something with Johns that I find ... well, they are probably the most harmless males I've met in my life... the kind which you know is rare and valuable. sincere. there...

i've lost a grandma who brought me up, lost an uncle who gave me a second lease in life, and they are the closest people I've cared about whom I've lost... and so, I told John I never really considered the dead ones I love dead. Because I recall them alive, and I dream of them and feel their presence. And I suck when it comes to talking about death... and I told him there are a lot of miracles happening daily, and I said, probably, it is not such a miracle to ask for the delay of his date...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Face in The Crowd

One of Bad Days for Mary's most catchy and poignant songs...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Alert Level

September 11 2008, Club Dredd. Stephen Lu, indie producer of the album, frontnman for Runaway Boys and Rizal Underground, reunited the pillars of second wave of Pinoy rock with The Breed, Color It Red and Tropical Depression.

Definitely, Rob Sunico-producer/manager of the Eraserheads' first album, Patrick Reidenbach-the man synonymous with Club Dredd, Jing Garcia-partner of the only absent +Dodong Viray who managed and produced albums of Color It Red, Alamid, et al, lensman Eddieboy Escudero, Par Sallan- producer/manager of Put3ska's and Ex-Presidents' earlier albums, Manny Amador,and a lot of other familiar faces were there.

Alert Level the album was released in 1992 prior to the actual opening of the floodgate featuring 2-3 tracks each from the said bands. The Breed fronted by Charlie Ysmael opened the night... belting out originals including Black Mercedes Benz and covers.

RU followed with collectible Alert Level cassette tape giveaways... with Stephen, multi-awarded Mike and Angelo Villegas twins taking turn on the rein, belting out their hits Bilanggo, Diskaril, Satisfaction Guaranteed, Powder or Lotion, and the hit-cover Sabado Nights.

Color it Red of the ever-pretty Cookie Chua and partner Bopip, with the rest of the gang followed with an intro of the "most emo of 'em all" Addictive... the rest of the females in the group weren't there, though... with covers from 10,000 Maniacs and Pretenders' Don't Get Me Wrong...

Tropical Depression last on the list but definitely the best - sorry Steph, you're right, I really go for island beat - had the early bed patrons missed the cream of the night with originals and tributes Biyaheng Langit of Asin, Ang Himig Natin of Juan dela Cruz, Cocojam's Bilog ang Buwan, and their originals Bagyo Bagyo, Kapayapaan, Mahal Kita. Tropical Depression is Papadom, Pexx, Ariel and Henry... most here not mentioned are either absent, otherwise, I did not do my assignment... In case you're wondering, I wasn't reviewing, nor analyzing... I was dancing...... and enjoying.

...good morning all...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Avril Lavigne

With my age, I now recoil as analyst rather than music reviewer in this corner. It could be the inevitable aging... It could be a waning interest, it could be because of personal biases and could be anything at all.

But the September 3 gig of "punk princess" Avril Lavigne was not a punk performance. More of a transition performance from rock to top of the pops (or gunning for it). She had energy of course, 18 songs in a row, with a non-stop stage marching, some gymnastics, a little dancing, and showcasing of her guitar, piano and drums prowess.

She acknowledged how her first hit single "Complicated" will always remain special. I understand. It was a tribute-segue to her predecessor Grammy slammer Alanis Morisette's signature and catchy angst melodies that catapulted her to the heels of the Canadian rocker who remained so.

What was very noticeable on Lavigne's music is the transition from angst-rock, to emo, to all-the-way hip and dance tunes befitting her age and the generation of her listeners. She's ready to challenge the more boring crops of sensational global pop artists we currently have, but she has to learn a lot about the dynamics of dance and pop. Nevertheless, she has nailed her reputation on emo, ballad-rock if you will, singing tunes about unrequited love, undying love, dizzying & confusing passion, and themes that will remain acceptable to teens and young adults, specifically the female gender.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Back in circulation is what they'd term it... I was tasked to handle our fund raising event just recently and had to summon my organizing skills (and prowess, like it was set aside years back, and as if I had any, haha!)...

So I started contacting and pestering people I know... video editor / producer Reg gave me Jim's number (now with Warner Music Phils...) and through them, I was able to contact Kitchie Nadal's manager Roca Cruz, who immediately committed to help. That was an awesome re-start, really!

I also googled on musicians and band I've heard of...One result, I landed on Kamikaze Baby's site. And while I've sent a lot (OK, about 5) invites for help to other local bands, Kamikaze Baby' Rob immediately responded letting me know they're interested, but there's one problem: they are located in Montreal, Canada. But then, it's not easy to ignore their music, so, I purchased their latest CD, and hope to review it here once it arrives...

For the meantime, I have a lot going, it's crack time once again... (I mean, I have already a load of things going on and adrenaline high is not a Beijing exclusive, Olympics, or not)...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


In the news today is Lifehouse with vox Jason Wade in the Philippines for a gig on July 26 at the Araneta Coliseum. He was shown in a photo with a black Eraserhead shirt...

Eraserhead is a David Lynch weird movie... David Lynch did weird movies and he is quite more popular for discouraging diminutive electronic visual communication or media (stoopid hi-end, mobile phones and gadgets, to be exact). Anyway, Lynch uses a lot of audio dynamics and tells his stories in dreamlike fashion you end up like waking up after a vivid nightmare in most of his movies...

What a prelude... to the Eraserheads "reunion" concert on August 30 at CCP Open Grounds. Eraserheads is the most commercially successful band in the Philippines. (PERIOD). I might be going. I like the band, or Ely Buendia's quirky vocals.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The '90s Rock Bands

By the time anybody gets to read this, Yahoo! must have pulled out Rob O'Connor's "The 25 Best Alternative Rock Bands Of The 1990s" as if there was alternative rock in the '90s. Alt was mainstream in the '90s.

Here's his list:
25. Sebadoh. I've heard their music or album. Bleech.
24. Dinosaur Jr.
23. Sonic Youth, at 23? Should be top 3 or lower.
22. Pavement. Heavy for me is heavy, and a headache.
21. Flaming Lips. I guess, I liked them, too.
20. Cracker. I did not have nothing against this group, but not enough for me to have them stand out. Jesus, I was listening to loads, like a thousand tapes more to play...
19. Beck. Beck, a Dylan? of course not! But he sure should be on # 2.
18. Weezer. I like 'em, too, with a stupid grin plastered on my cheek.
17. Giant Sand. I am ignorant about a lot of things, including this dune.
16. Afghan Whigs. I am not sure now whether I liked 'em or not.
15. The Breeders. Who didn't like the Breeders?
14. Belle & Sebastian. If ignorance is a mortal sin, I should be shot.
13. Elliott Smith. Or hanged.
12. Mudhoney. Of course I love this band!
11. PJ Harvey. Did she emerge in the '90s? I have this nasty feeling of associating her with Linkin' Park. And it's not an easy feeling.
10. Nirvana. Why the hell... this ain't no alternative in the '90s. They DEFINED THE '90s.
9. Guided by voice. Am ignorant, shoot me again.
8. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Yeah.
7. Vic Chestnutt. Yes, he's good.
6. The Fall. I already had 3 bullets in.
5. Mark Lanegan. Make it five bullets.
4. Julian Cope. Six bullets.
3. American Music Club. Duh!
2. Red House Painters. I'm riddled, brought to the emergency room.
1. Tom Waits. Declared dead.

Here's My '90s list in no particular order nor label:
Alice in Chains
Sonic Youth
Tori Amos
Collective Soul
The Breeders
Jill Sobule
Cypress Hill
Beastie Boys
Sugar Ray
Soul Asylum
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Lenny Kravitz.

But many in my albums' list are compilations I should be posting sometime. And all these are of course western. I have my own local list listed elsewhere... Without time frame.

I've reacted because this is a Yahoo! list. While Microsoft may have pretended not to have any interest on Yahoo!, Yahoo! still tops personal e-mailing in the world.